How To Follow A Post On Facebook Without Commenting

Have you ever been reading the comments on a Facebook post only to come across a flood of comments that say something like "Following" or "📌" or "F"? Facebook has designed an incredibly simple way to receive notifications for a post while avoiding cluttering the comments section. If you look to the top right of a post, you will see a down caret. If you click on the down caret, a drop-down menu will appear. In that menu, you will see an option to "Turn on notifications for this post." 

By turning on notifications, you will receive a Facebook notification anytime someone comments on that post. Also, it will prevent others who have commented or turned on notifications from receiving a notification only to find the comment reads "Following." 

Additionally, if you no longer wish to receive notifications for a particular post, you can turn off notifications through the same process. Simply click the down caret and select "Turn off notifications for this post."

In an effort to make our online Facebook community as enjoyable as possible for every member, try to use this feature whenever you'd like to follow a post! That way, all of your amazing comments won't get lost in a sea of "Following"s.