FREE Trello Backgrounds

I don't know about you, but the plain color backgrounds on Trello don't make me excited to use it. With the Trello Gold upgrade, you can get access to the ability to change your backgrounds to whatever you want plus a few other fun features. However, if you're new to Trello, you may not feel like upgrading just yet. That's why we're offering you these FREE backgrounds to make your Trello boards prettier and more fun to use. 

In order to get the backgrounds for yourself, here's what you need to do: 

1. Click one of the links listed below. This will open a Public board we have created. 

2. If the menu isn't showing on the right-hand side of the screen, click "Show Menu" in the top right corner of the board. Once the menu is up, click "More". 

3. Then, you will need to click "Copy Board". **This is the most important step**

4. Once you click "Copy Board", it will give you the option to retitle the board. You can always change this later. Then, click "Create". 

5. You have now created your own private board on your account with that background. As long as you clicked "Copy", no one will be able to see anything you put on that board and it will reside on your account. You can now add some lists and cards and begin using your new boards with pretty backgrounds! 

Here are the links to some beautiful backgrounds for you to use! (White Marble Background) (White Peonies Background) (Pink Peonies Background) (Iced Coffee and Tablet Background) (Notebook, Coffee, and Greenery Background) (Antique Sewing Machine Background) (Thread Basket Background) (Enjoy The Little Things Notebook Background) (Black And Tan Watercolor Background) (Black And White Dots Background) (Gold And White Paint Background) 

Have a specific background you'd like to use for your business? Feel free to shoot us an email ( with it attached, and we'll try to make it happen for you! 

Also, if you haven't signed up for your free Trello account yet, you can do that by clicking here! If you've somehow landed on this page and haven't seen the first installation in our Trello Series (Trello Lesson 1.1: What Is Trello?), that would be an excellent place to start to find out a little more about this amazing system for your business. 


**Designer credit: Many of the above backgrounds came from and various stock photo websites.**